Bottle Calf



My niece visited last weekend.  She said she wanted a “bottle calf.”  A bottle calf is an orphan and we don’t usually have one.  My niece must have inherited the wishing ability from her grandma.  The next morning we found a cow that had given birth to twins.  Cows are not like ewes and will usually only claim one calf and leave the other one to die.  One of the twins was strong and had already nursed.  The other twin was weak and cold so we brought him to the barn and my niece gave him a bottle of milk replacer.  She named him “Honey.”

A couple days later a cow gave birth to a calf that was premature and died.  We walked the cow into the corral and placed her in the catch chute and helped Honey nurse the cow.  The cow wanted a calf and after a couple of days she now claims Honey as her own.  The cow is happy to have a calf and Honey is happy to have a mom.  My niece returned home and would no longer be helping with chores, so we were happy to not have a bottle calf to take care of.

One Response to Bottle Calf

  1. babz says:

    i surfed in here, i am on a google list that is supposed to bring me news of homebirthed twins,,, your calves came thru that list !!lol . wasnt it lovely the way your calf /niece situation worked out>? the tiny miracles we get each day ,, i love them

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