REAP-Day on the Farm

REAP food group, Madison, put on a wonderful “Day at the Farm” at Jordandal Farms, my direct-marketing partners.

People turned out in droves.  I think people want to visit a farm, but are too shy to ask.

Eric and Carrie went all-out showing off their farm.  Here is one of Eric’s Jersey cows with her five-day-old calf.

Here are baby chicks in the brooder house.  Each specific livestock had a sign with pertinent information.

Eric and Carrie showed off their chickens, Jersey dairy cows, and sheep.

We brought some of our Red Angus cattle and hogs to their farm.

Chefs from some of Madison’s finest restaurants prepared an excellent meal.  Employees and volunteers from REAP made everything go smoothly.  I can’t believe this was the first time they ever tried one of these.  Here we all are after a successful Day at the Farm.

2 Responses to REAP-Day on the Farm

  1. Karen Ferguson says:

    Wow…this is sooo cool. We are doing it here in CA, but not as much as the farmers are now getting into selling their ‘wares’ directly to co-ops like Weston PRice groups. So they are busy, making some more money, finally, for all of their work!!!!

    Bravo to you!!! Wish I could have been there to pet the calf!

  2. That does look like a good turn out!

    I am also envious of the meal…


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