Sleeping During Calving

A robin’s nest, with fledglings, in our cattle catch-chute.

I realized I needed to post this picture when WSB asked an astute question: “If the breeding season is short, will you get any sleep during calving season?”

Yes, and this picture explains why.

This is my proudest cattle picture.  I’m striving to breed problem-free cattle.  We aren’t there yet, as my post, “A Weekend During Calving Season” illustrates, but if birds can successfully nest in our catch-chute…

We pulled two calves coming breach, (backwards), in April.  We helped one calf nurse a cow with too-large teats.  We transferred a twin calf onto a cow that had lost her calf in the creek.  We pulled one large calf out of a heifer on May 7th. But that was it, out of more than 130 births. We didn’t use the corral from May 7th until the middle of June when we corralled some cattle for grass-finished beef.

Calving problem-free cattle in April and May should be fun.  I’ll keep you updated.

Breeding isn’t going as well as I planned.  Soon I’ll post about the problems we’ve already experienced early in this breeding season.

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