English Style Farrowing Hut from Port-A-Hut

The English Style Farrowing Huts are working pretty well so far.  Four of the five sows farrowed, each in her own hut.

I probably should have spaced the huts farther apart.  I’m having some trouble with sows returning to the wrong hut after they leave to eat and drink.

It’s also going to be a challenge to process the piglets away from the sow.  Sows can be aggressive defending their young, and a squealing piglet sets them off.

I’m glad I purchased the optional roller which fits in the doorway.  I’m able to leave the door to the hut open so the sow can come and go as she likes, but the roller keeps the piglets in until they are big enough to jump out.  The roller is the blackish thing in the bottom of the photo below.

One Response to English Style Farrowing Hut from Port-A-Hut

  1. Opacity says:

    She looks so blissful!

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