Cattle/Hogs Grazing Barley/Rape

This is the Barley/Rape field on June 15th as I turned the steers and sows in for grazing.  I planted it April 27th and posted pictures on May 11th.  Growth is slow the first couple of weeks, but really takes off after that.

One Response to Cattle/Hogs Grazing Barley/Rape

  1. bc says:

    Pigs, when you eat all the green stuff in the paddock you can run through the electric fence and get to all that hay. Or jump! Or get one of those cows to knock a fence post it over.

    Excellent photos. Can you post more? How is the field after the pigs leave? I know a farmers with ‘pastured pigs’ where they just live in the same mud field all the time and it is clear that you’re doing something a lot better.

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