Grazing Buckwheat

I needed the space, so I ended my Buckwheat experiment by grazing it with the hogs.  They liked it.  In the photo above, the plant with smaller leaves and white flowers is the Buckwheat.  The plant to the right with the larger, darker green leaves is Rape.  Even though I disced after grazing the Rape, some of it still survived.  By the way it grew in the drought, I wish I would have just let the Rape regrow and grazed that.

I apologize to those of you who wanted me to harvest the Buckwheat.  I enjoy planting and watching plants grow, but I don’t believe I have the patience to hand harvest.

One Response to Grazing Buckwheat

  1. Hand-harvest?? OMGoodness…no. But thanks anyway. What a beautiful flower. Thank you soo much for showing it to us. Mine grew but then some critter got to it and enjoyed it as much as your piggies.
    Hug from CA,

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