Contest Update: Week 1

Contest Update: Week 1

Photo taken after six days.

Here are your contestants:

Doug, 7 days

John Roelli, 14 days

Walt, 16 days

Hubbard, 17 days

Gordon Milligan, 20 days

Brygy, 24 days

Toasted Tofu, 28 days

For the record, I would have guessed 28 days, which looks now to be more of a wish than an estimate.  As I tell my sons, an estimation is not a wish.  If you consistently under or over estimate, you’re wishing.

It’s good that I’m doing this.  I really need to get a handle on use.  I estimated the large pile I built up over the summer would last 3 to 5 months.  Not a very precise estimate.

It looks like it’s going to last about three months as I didn’t start using it until the middle of December.  Until then I was cutting weekly loads because I had time and the weather was nice.

Thank you to our contestants.  I’ll update again within a week.

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