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A photo I posted about fencing was used in an Atlantic article on virtual fencing.  It’s a little bittersweet because the caption is, “A fence in need of repair.”  Another photo of mine was used in Progressive Forage Grower.  It’s fun to see my photos in other places.

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  1. Tara says:

    Do they tell you and/or attribute the photos to you? I was just wondering if they use them with permission, or if they don’t, do you mind?

  2. Yes, they gave credit.

    • wisetara says:

      Oh, that’s good. And cool! People TRY to get into The Atlantic, and you made it happen by just doing what you do. Awesome.

  3. Thank you. If you google ‘a fence in need of repair’ my photo is on the first page. Most farmers wouldn’t want to show something like this. I’m not much different as it was part of a series where I tore that fence out and built a new one.

  4. pfj says:

    Atlantic . . . wow. Too cool.

    The following URL is actually related to earlier posts you’ve made — about finding cows when they’re off in the woods, etc. — and thought you might be interested:

  5. pfj says:

    Your picture is in The Atlantic and in Progressive Forage Grower — and also in an article in V.E.N.U.E

    But I came across the Venue article, here: And it’s about virtual fences too . . .

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