Spring Farrowing 2013

Spring Farrowing 2013

4 Responses to Spring Farrowing 2013

  1. In this picture it looks as though each hut has an identical sow staring out the window at us.

    Somehow from the earlier pictures I had imagined the huts much longer, with room for several sows.

  2. I don’t see the staring sows?
    Each hut is individual. They crush way fewer isolated from each other. This is probably why they go off on their own to farrow when they have more room like I saw last summer in the pasture. Now of course I’m working with the cold winter temperatures and snow and want to provide a dry, draft-free place for them to farrow.

  3. Thanks for the explanation. I need to go back and look for the pictures I remember to figure out why I thought they were common.

    Right at the snow line on the door of each hut is a little rectangle. In this picture it looks (to me) like the face of a pink sow with black ears.

  4. Ok, I looked it up and I was mixing up the hoop barn with the farrowing huts. I saw where you got the farrowing huts and then I forgot about them.

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