Red-winged Blackbird Eggs

Red-winged Blackbird Eggs

I noticed a Red-winged Blackbird fly off her nest when I was mowing hay July 1st.  Most of the nests have been empty, but this must be their second brood because I’ve seen a lot of fledgling birds hopping and test-flying with their short wings.  I mowed around the nest but am not sure I did it any favors because it now sticks out to predators.  I’ll keep checking to see how it makes out.


3 Responses to Red-winged Blackbird Eggs

  1. Chris says:

    Looks like the raku pottery designs!

  2. grasspunk says:

    I’ve never seen eggs like that before. Now if you can get those chicken egg size, you’d make a mint. Or make really small eggcups.

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