Contour Strip Cropping 2013

Contour Strip Cropping 2013

Cut hay is in the foreground.  The light green strip middle left is oats.  The dark green strips above it are corn.  The light green at the top is a hay strip I baled a couple of weeks ago.

3 Responses to Contour Strip Cropping 2013

  1. Betsy says:

    I love the look of that. My father was the first farmer in hias area, back in the early fifties, to lay out, with assist from the Soil Conservation Service, contour strips on our gently sloping farm in southeastern Pennsylvania. In due time, it became the way to do things in those parts.

  2. David Mulling says:

    I live near Alice, Texas. It is February 10th. Because it is winter here, what little we have of it, I have two bird feeder up, with grain on the ground. I have 30 male Red Wing Blackbirds, over 25 male Cardinals, eating. So in a couple months look for them.

    • Very cool, David! I’ll be watching for them! I never get to see that many males congregate at my place as I think they’re fighting for territory and trying to attract mates by the time they get to Wisconsin.

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