Pig Feed: Mix-your-own vs. Bulk-delivered

I used all the corn I grew last year and have been purchasing corn from my parents, but it looks like I may use up that supply before fall harvest.  It’s going to be close, though.  So instead of purchasing a small amount of corn which would be a pain to auger into a bin only to shovel back out, I priced a complete feed delivered right into my pig feeders.

The price Big Gain has right now for 16% protein pig feed is $825 for two ton, delivered into my feeder.  If I were to mix my own ration, I could do two ton for $510, not counting the cost of my time and machinery.

Breaking it down for a two ton batch:

80 lbs of vitamin/mineral/amino acid premix for $30

550 lbs of soybean meal for $143

3370 lbs of corn for $337

The cost of the bulk feed is $.21 per lb and the cost of the mix-my-own feed is $.13 per lb.  This seems like a hefty premium to pay for convenience, but I may buy some if I’m cutting it very close.

7 Responses to Pig Feed: Mix-your-own vs. Bulk-delivered

  1. Do you have a ballpark estimate of your time and machinery costs? Also, $413/ton delivered. Wow!

  2. It wouldn’t take me an hour to mix and deliver to feeder with my equipment, $20 ballpark. I don’t think it would use a gallon of diesel, $5 ballpark. The tractor and mix-mill are older and depreciated, but I guess you could put $10 dollar charge for the machinery. So let’s round up to $40 for 8,000 lbs equals a charge of $.005 per lb.

  3. Great! The grow and mix your own feed process is one that I always like to learn more about.

  4. Andrew says:

    what does your local mill charge for grind/mix? Both the mills near us charge $0.006/lb, darn close to your DIY cost.
    I would love to have a grinder/mixer one day, but only because the local places don’t sell any non-gmo or alternative grains (barley, wheat, field peas, etc.)

  5. Here in the UK we supply these machines, http://www.calamill.com

  6. Munga Benedict says:

    How can I start up a firm on natural feed for pigs and folws in my region in Cameroon

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