Evergreen Windbreak


I’ve never liked evergreens.  I think it’s because I distrust their green when the rest of the world is white and brown.  Something about their green is off, even in August when this photo was taken.

That being said, I planted this small windbreak late last summer when they were purchased for the corner of our yard.  I read the tags before planting and realized they need more space.  So I recommisoned them for a small windbreak in the pasture.

Fast-forward to now and we’ve been experiencing one of the worst winters in memory, with arctic blasts of wind dropping the windchill well below zero for days.  I feel more exposed on top of this hill and am thinking I need more windbreaks.  So I ordered 25 Colorada Blue Spruce from our county agency and may double or triple the order before this winter is through.

3 Responses to Evergreen Windbreak

  1. betsydavenport says:

    I don’t much like evergreens, either, but they certainly have their uses, don’t they. I don’t like the unremitting way they cut down on light, especially in winter when we need it the most. I live in a place where it is grey all winter and into the spring. The big ones are durable, though. I enjoy reading your blog.

  2. Thank you, Betsy. I didn’t think about the light, but it’s true. They also make the soil more acidic from dropping their needles, I think.

    • betsydavenport says:

      I think evergreens like more acidic soil as well, so they take root and make the soil more acidic. In Vermont we used to look at fields that were no longer being cultivated, and the first thing to come in were evergreens. And blackberries. But evergreens preceded deciduous trees by years.

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