Dickies Insulated Bib Overall, Review

Dickies Insulated Bib Overalls

Restrictive, but warm!  I normally wear something like the ensemble pictured below.  But when the temps drop below zero F, I throw on these insulated bibs and am able to get my chores done without discomfort.

My Dad is a big fan of insulated coveralls.  He usually puts them on in October and doesn’t take them off until May.  But I’ve found them too restrictive.  I like to move when I’m outside.

That being said, I was too cold when the weather turned brutal.  So when Country Outfitters offered me clothes for free, I jumped at the chance to try these insulated bibs.

And I learned something.  I used to think when my toes and fingers got cold I had a cold toes and fingers problem.  So I would put on a second pair of socks and gloves to combat the problem with limited success.

Now I see when I put on these insulated bibs, it ties everything together and warms up my core.  This warmth radiates to my toes and fingers and I don’t need more socks or gloves.  Amazing!

Winter Farm Clothing

One Response to Dickies Insulated Bib Overall, Review

  1. Anonymous says:

    This is good and useful information; thanks.

    Our daughter and her husband will sometimes be living in a slightly remote area where it can get really cold in the winter. (Second home.)

    In anticipation of their birthdays, I got one pair of insulated snowboarding pants and one big down jacket.

    I think of the jacket as a “barn jacket” that will stay at that house, and hang on a hook by the back door. So that either one of them can throw it on over pre-existing jacket or whatever.

    And the pants-and-jacket combo can go on over some already-warm set of clothes.

    You’ve made me happy because now I feel like I made a good choice, and also I probably won’t have to worry about them not being warm enough in the — indeed — brutal weather.

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