Red-winged Blackbird Returns

Red-winged Blackbird Eggs


My old friend, the Red-winged Blackbird, has returned from his winter home, March 11, 2018.  There is usually a male who sits in the apple tree in my yard as I practice my disc golf putting.

While he probably isn’t the same bird, there is a chance, as the longest living wild Red-winged Blackbird was nearly 16 years old when scientists studied him.  If he isn’t the same bird, I’m sure he’s kin.

The photo above was taken in June or July, five years ago.  You can read more about Red-winged Blackbirds on my blog, here,  and here and here.

5 Responses to Red-winged Blackbird Returns

  1. They just returned here as well and just in time for what s supposed to be out first significant snow of the year!!

  2. We are seeing many here in southern Iowa now. They are even coming to our bird feeder for seeds that are on the ground.

  3. Jeanenne says:

    Love this picture! Red-winged black birds call sounds like fishing in the pastures and meadows my dad use to take us girls to in the spring and summer evenings. Interesting to know the life span of red-wingers.

  4. Thanks Gordon and Jeanenne!

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