2020 Herd Boar: End Zone


Last year’s post, “2019 Herd Boars”, talked about two of my all-time favorite herd boars, Zone and End Zone.  Father and Son, sadly, I decided to sell the Father as he got very big, over 800 lbs, and his son, End Zone, was breeding well.

And then, wouldn’t you know it, when I was down to one boar, End Zone got hurt.  I think he hurt himself in his mud wallow, as the mud had gotten very sticky.  This isn’t a problem confinement pork producers worry about.

I wasn’t sure if he would get better, but I separated him so he could rest and thankfully he did and is back better than ever.  I was able to use artificial insemination to breed one group of sows who will farrow in March.

I kept a white son of Zone and we will see how he develops.  I really like the confirmation of End Zone.  He has a lot of length and is close to perfect on his feet.  He is also easier to work with than his Father.  So I’m hoping I can keep him from getting too big too soon.


4 Responses to 2020 Herd Boar: End Zone

  1. Dave Perozzi says:

    I can see why you’re happy with a boar like that. Great looking pig.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I think people are happy to see you posting again . . . the life of a farmer is hard, but hopefully rewarding.

    About size of pig. Years ago, we knew a woman who lived in Montecito, California. Very upscale pricey community — but she was basic down-to-earth person. (Very large fairly wild backyard.)

    She got a mini-pig so that her son could be in 4-H. No one told her that if you keep feeding them, they keep growing. Her “mini” pig was about the size of your boar . . . when they finally gave the pig to someone with a farm.

    • Wow! Yes, they get huge! I visited an old farmer in Vermont once who had 4 Jersey steers he used as draft animals, and they were probably the largest cattle I’ve ever seen. Essentially pets, though.

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