The Stockings…

It’s that time of year. The turkeys are gone. The days are short. Why am I always surprised by how short the days get?

We are back to our winter email marketing and its going as smooth as ever, but we’re missing some of you. In the interest of saving time, I used an email service, and I suspect it ended up in many of your spam!

If you would like to check, December 11th is when you should have received an email from us. Below is some of the email you should have received if you’re on our list.


Hello from Isabel, Romeo, and Matthew, Curiousfarmer!

Our winter season has started!  We are taking your orders for delivery to 3 locations in Madison, twice per month.

Weather permitting, our planned dates are Jan 8, 22, Feb 5, 19, Mar 5, 19, Apr 2.  If you don’t hear from us and would like something, email. 

If you need help remembering what we have, check out our “food for you” page at Curiousfarmer dot com.  I’ll try to update what’s “out” regularly to help with ordering.

Email, with questions, or if you know what you want.


Enough business, time for some Gratitude!

Thank you to all who supported Curiousfarmer during the pandemic!  You help us continue to farm the way we do.

Some of you have been with us since the beginning of the pandemic as we figured this out together.  Thanks for keeping us going during the lean days.

Many of you are new in 2021.  It’s been great getting to know you!  Some of you even made it out to the farm for turkey day.  Thank you!

Thank you also, to all who took home quarters of beef and half hogs.  We don’t get to see you as often, but we’re glad you are enjoying Curiousfarmer meat.

A special thanks to those who picked up their quarters and halves at market or at Avon Locker.  That saved us a trip to Madison, valuable time we could spend on the farm.  Thank you!

Your Farmers,

Matthew, Isabel, and Romeo

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