Cheers to 2022!

I was one of the crazy people who played a New Year’s Day PDGA tournament in near zero windchill in Wisconsin.

I managed to putt well enough to win my division.  TD Aaron DeVries handed out a fancy gold medallion to division winners.  It said “1st” on one one side and “Champion of 2022” on the other.

Made me feel so special, I carefully hung it over my 2 sweatshirts, 2 flannel shirts, and 2 t-shirts, around my neck.

I went down the street to grab a take out lunch for me and my wife, who graciously stayed at home with our two year old son while I played disc golf.

The guy behind the counter said, “what’s this?”, pointing at my medallion.

Grow the sport, right?  I whipped out my phone and showed him a photo and told him about disc golf.  

“Frisbee”, he said, and made a throwing motion with his arm.  This guy gets it.

“You know what?”, he said.  “This is for you.”  He pulled out a punch card and started punching holes throughout the entire card.  “Next time, free lunch for you.”

Wow, I thought.  This guy knows how special I am.

It was only after I walked in the door at home, and my wife started laughing at me and my fancy medallion, I realized the guy at Teriyaki Express may have thought I was a different type of special.

It’s all good.  Sometimes we “Grow the Sport”,  sometimes we get a free lunch.

In all seriousness, though, disc golf does make one feel special.  No matter how your round is going, disc golf always gives us a moment or two to keep us coming back.

My cardmates all had their moments.  Jim Hendricks crushed several drives and putted great all day.  John Hunter nailed a 100 foot putt.  And Mike DeVries parked hole 1 with a delicate turnover shot.  

After the round, my cardmates went back out and helped me find a lost disc in the snow. The disc golf community is the best.

Cheers to 2022!

Matthew Walter #69516 


2 Responses to Cheers to 2022!

  1. Heather Butler says:

    That is an awesome story. 😁

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