Traffic Accident

April 26, 2009

I’m ok and no one was hurt, but I was in a traffic accident three hours ago.  I was on my way to church in my truck and a minivan was pulled over on the wrong side of the road delivering a weekly shopping paper into a mailbox.  I slowed down and moved into the other lane to go by them.  As I came closer they pulled back onto the road right in front of me.  I was going at least 40 mph and would have hit them head-on.  I instinctively chose the ditch.  I hit a culvert almost immediately and went airborne for 35 feet landing with the front end of my truck digging out the yard.  I rolled to a stop and took off my seatbelt.  My airbag didn’t activate.  If I hadn’t been wearing my seatbelt I would have broke my neck in the cab or  in the windshield. 

I know the guy whose front yard I ended up in.  Dave happened to be looking out his window and saw the whole thing.  He thought it was going to be a head-on and was amazed I avoided them.  I would have seriously messed them up because I had all the momentum.  They pulled off the road and walked to my truck.  They were more shook-up than me, and I found myself consoling the woman who had been driving.

We called the police and waited for them to come and fill out an accident report.  It turns out her license had been suspended and she had been picked up for that before.  She told me her eyes were blurry and she doesn’t see well.  Her brother-in-law was riding with her.  He didn’t have a license either.  I could tell right away they were not healthy people.

T’he police officer wouldn’t allow them to drive home, of course.  She received a ticket for operating without a license and for operating on the wrong side of the road.  And she couldn’t call her husband because the phone in their house was out.  So Dave offered to pick me up in Argyle where they lived if I wanted to drive them home.  So I found myself driving home the people who caused me to wreck my truck.  If Idon’t laugh I’ll cry.

All in all, I’m very happy and give thanks to God.  No one was hurt.  Be safe and drive defensively.

Bottle Calf

April 18, 2009



My niece visited last weekend.  She said she wanted a “bottle calf.”  A bottle calf is an orphan and we don’t usually have one.  My niece must have inherited the wishing ability from her grandma.  The next morning we found a cow that had given birth to twins.  Cows are not like ewes and will usually only claim one calf and leave the other one to die.  One of the twins was strong and had already nursed.  The other twin was weak and cold so we brought him to the barn and my niece gave him a bottle of milk replacer.  She named him “Honey.”

A couple days later a cow gave birth to a calf that was premature and died.  We walked the cow into the corral and placed her in the catch chute and helped Honey nurse the cow.  The cow wanted a calf and after a couple of days she now claims Honey as her own.  The cow is happy to have a calf and Honey is happy to have a mom.  My niece returned home and would no longer be helping with chores, so we were happy to not have a bottle calf to take care of.

Looking for Feedback

March 6, 2009

*New picture of my cattle on the For Sale page.

Thank you for your interest in the meat diet.  The meat diet will finish March 15.  I will take a blood test March 16.  I should have the results up by March 18.

I started the meat diet to satisfy my own curiosity.  Until I started connecting with others through the internet, I knew of no other person that had read “Good Calories, Bad Calories.”

I realize now, that I am not a lone wolf.  I have found excellent nutrition and lifestyle blogs:  Mark’s Daily Apple, Hyperlipid, Protein Power.

The original intention of this blog, though, was to “connect people with farmers.”  My thought is that people are longing for a greater connection with their food and farmers.  In the not-so-distant past nearly everyone was a farmer.  Then, everyone grew up on a farm.  Then, everyone’s grandparents had a farm.  Now, most have lost that connection.  This is probably part of the reason that farmer’s markets have been increasing.

So, I am looking for feedback.  You may have came here for the meat diet.  Did you find anything else interesting or useful?  Do you want a greater connection to food and farming?  What are you curious about?  Would you like to see more pictures or video?

Some post ideas I have, include:  US farm program, genetics-bull buying, Hispanic farm workers, hay sale, nutrient content of manure, nutrient removal by crops, breeding chickens, cattle sale, pork carcass, heritage breeds, GM corn, spring planting, spring calving, our chores, backyard chicken production, getting started with pig production.

Thank you for your feedback.