Nessie in Wisconsin?



My childhood career choices vacillated between Sasquatch hunter and Loch Ness monster hunter.  So imagine my surprise when I saw this behemoth surface on a Wisconsin lake.  I snapped a quick picture before it dove.

I wouldn’t want to estimate it’s size because you wouldn’t believe me anyway.  However, I will no longer be enjoying Wisconsin’s waters.  I’m not going to divulge the location of this monster as Wisconsin’s tourism industry is huge and I wouldn’t want to hurt it.  And perhaps this leviathin is a herbivore.

Sightings of this Wisconsin Nessie are not without precedent.  Jay Rath has a chapter in this book, “The W-Files,” devoted exclusively to lake monsters.

“At one time or another, many Wisconsin lakes have boasted their very own saurian monster.  In 1867, for example, Lake Michigan’s sightings were so convincing that the Chicago Tribune announced, ‘that Lake Michigan is inhabited by a vast monster, part fish and part serpent, no longer admits of doubt.’  But despite the publicity lake monster stories once received, today they are largely forgotten.”

I am sharing this information with family and friends only.  I consider you, dear reader, a friend.

2 Responses to Nessie in Wisconsin?

  1. Kind of looks like a turtle with a backpack….

    There is a term for people who study creatures like the Lock Ness monster and bigfoot. they are called cryptozoologist. Here is a link to one of their sites:

    Penn and Teller did a great show on this in their bullsh*t series.


  2. curiousfarmer says:

    Thanks Jim for the cool link! Makes me want to shuck farming and become a hunter.

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