Blackcap Pickin’

(Rubus occidentalis)

Come along with me we’re goin’ blackcap pickin’,
Put on long pants so you can push through the thicket.

Pick out all the black ones better leave all the red ones,
The red ones pretty sour, but the black ones are heaven.

Purple mouth and fingers, lets ’em know what we been doin’,
If they wanna get some, we can show ’em where we goin’.

If you got a bowl then you can fill it in a moment,
If you wait ’till next week, then you wait another year.

One Response to Blackcap Pickin’

  1. The shmoo says:

    My daughter Haleigh came from Las Vegas while she was visiting to pick some blackberries with me out by our cabin. We got two bucket fuls and mom made some pie with them. I love me some black caps!

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