Able Died

My white herd boar, Able, was dead this morning.  He’s the one pictured breeding, above.

I don’t know for sure why he died, but it was probably heat related.  It reached 100 degrees here yesterday.  I had a sprinkler going for him and the sows, but there was a sow in heat.  I think he probably tried to breed and just got himself to worked up and was unable to cool down.  Once hogs get over-stressed in this kind of heat, it’s trouble.

The only good news is I kept a son of his this spring.  He’s looking pretty good.  He’s the white spotted one in the photo below.  I’m thinking of naming him Domino.

4 Responses to Able Died

  1. wildpen says:

    When the animals have been named, it’s always harder when they die. Nobody really cares too much when “E-43” dies, but when “Buttercup” dies people mourn.

  2. Evaluating Domino from a compagnon standpoint, he looks like a total cutie pie!

    I’m sorry about Able. Will you butcher him?

  3. No, we won’t butcher him. In this country we don’t eat animals which weren’t bled out when killed. I don’t know the reasons why, besides religious. I know other cultures will eat meat which was already dead when found.

  4. amyparmenter says:

    RIP Able.

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