Contour Strip Cropping, Farm Update


There must be some sort of dubious record I am setting this year.  The top photo was taken July 6th.  It shows the contour strips, which is how we farm the hillsides in Wisconsin to prevent soil erosion.

The green in the foreground is a little strip of hay next to the road which was cut and baled in June.  Next up in the photo is very mature, cut hay.  Yes, the last of first cutting was made in July.  The green strip in the middle of the photo is hay which was cut and baled in May, and is now ready to be cut for a second time.  The light colored strip above that is my oats and hay new seeding which is cut and drying, waiting to be baled.

So, yes, I made first cutting hay in May, June, and July.  I know of no other farmer who is as on the ball, and behind, as myself.  At least I’m still laughing.



The bottom photo shows my sweet corn on June 26th.  Beyond the sweet corn are the farrowing huts.  I’ve had 14 beautiful June litters.  Beyond the farrowing huts are my grass-finished steers.  I started them grazing hay fields at the end of June.

3 Responses to Contour Strip Cropping, Farm Update

  1. Chris Keller says:

    I like how proud you are of your “domain”. Good stewardship! Good show!

  2. betsydavenport says:

    Beautiful. I love the look of farming in contour strips. My father, back in the fifties in Pennsylvania, was on the front edge of that effort on our family-sized dairy farm. I wish now I had photographs of it. He had pasture, hay (alfalfa, clover, timothy, etc.), and corn for silage. I like the look of the windrows on the contour, and then the bales. He also turned the cows out on the fields after hay was made.

    I enjoy your blog so much, and your farming.

  3. Thanks a lot, Chris and Betsy!
    Betsy, the everyday scenery is taken for granted and then one day we realize its different. There was a retired farmer from my county who spent his retirement painting farm scenes he remembered from his past. He’s quite popular in our area.

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