Sows in Sweet Corn

Susie, our oldest, most favorite sow, grazing last summer’s sweet corn.

I usually graze the sweet corn with the pigs after harvest, but this winter I let it stand.  Corn makes an excellent wind break and I wondered if it would help collect drifting snow and keep it off our lane.  

It did.  The snow was at least a foot deeper inside the corn than out.

I got the idea driving on highways in Iowa and Minnesota as its common to see 8 rows or so of corn left along the roads as a windbreak.  I’m not sure if the farmer is paid to do this by the county or state, but regardless, it works well, and the farmer will be able to harvest his corn in the spring with some loss.

Our extremely cold and snowy February gave way to a mild start to March and I started thinking and doing spring jobs.  

Winter has returned for a short stay, but I’m happy to have the sows knocking the corn down now.  Should make for easier tillage, soon I hope.

UPDATE: Taking orders for delivery every other Saturday to Madison. Next date March 27th.  Email Matthew with order and/or questions: Thank you!

One Response to Sows in Sweet Corn

  1. Dave Perozzi says:

    That’s a great idea. Saves you from fighting snow drifts all winter and gives the pigs some recreational foraging in the spring!

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