Celebrate: Anne and Terry

Anne and Terry, April 23, 2022

Dane County Farmer’s Market is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year!

The Dane County Farmer’s Market, (DCFM), is a big part of our life.  And I realized, for many of our regular customers, it’s also a big part of their life.

Because just as regular vendors make a market, so do regular customers.  It’s a community. 

So we are going to celebrate this community with an ongoing series.


You will usually see Anne and Terry at least a couple of times on Market Saturdays as they make it a whole morning. When I’m shorthanded they step behind the booth so I can make a pit stop. They claim they’re bad for business, but they’ve usually got someone waiting when I return. Thank you, Anne and Terry!


We have been attending DCFM since the early 80s.  

DCFM Memory: Making our purchases and coming home to make a great omelette with all the eggs and veggies we purchased.  Cows on the Concourse!  Meeting the great farmers that feed us and seeing them each year. All DCFM memories are amazing. DCFM memories should be a PBS special. 

Curiousfarmer favorite:   Tie between ground beef and Canadian bacon. Matt is  great too!

Go to meal:  Meatballs whether they are Italian, stroganoff, Swedish etc with CF beef.  Healthy and delish. 

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