Pregnancy-Checking Cows



Sixty-seven cows waiting in the corral.

We pregnancy checked our cows last Tuesday and Wednesday.  The vet. checked 129 cows.  10 cows were not bred, which is “open” in farm-speak.  That makes 8% open or 92% bred in a 60 day breeding season.  I was hoping for less than 10%, so I’m happy.

Five cows were not checked because we are taking them to market because of old age.  All 134 cows were in one herd with five bulls.  This is the 2nd year of mob-grazing and the results are better than last year.

2 Responses to Pregnancy-Checking Cows

  1. mark lane says:

    can you draw a picture that shows the layout of your corral more. I am interested in the set up.

  2. curiousfarmer says:

    Be glad to Mark. Need to figure out how to do that on the computer, though. Will do when I can find time.

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