Hennessey Implement Auction/Winter Storm Draco

Hennessey Implement Auction

Despite Winter Storm Draco, I drove to the Hennessey Implement Auction this morning.  I purchased an old generator for $625 which will provide electricity for my farm during a power outage.  It takes its power from the PTO of my tractor.

Farrowing Huts

We knew this storm was coming, so I positioned  my farrowing huts in the hay field where I plan to have sows farrow next March.  I figured it may be one of those winters where the snow is still piled high in March.  I shut the door and window on each of the huts so at least there won’t be snow inside the huts.

Yesterday I took the photo above.  Today is below.

Winter Storm Draco

4 Responses to Hennessey Implement Auction/Winter Storm Draco

  1. I know snow storms are serious business, but since it is raining outside for the umpteenth day in a row, I am envious of your weather. The only evening it snowed here I ran around the street jumping for joy. My coworkers just stood and shook their heads, but before you get tired of shoveling it, snow is incredibly gleeful.

  2. Yes, wife and sons love the snow! We were snowed in for a couple of days, but lacked for nothing so it was enjoyable.

  3. Matthew Solverson says:

    The third farrowing hut is not straight. Could you straighten that out?

  4. There is one in every crowd…:)

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